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INTERNET E-services and E-commerce

In-house procedures and software

With in-house procedures and software developed through our experience in the world of TRANSPORT and LOGISTICS, we can offer our clients traceability and security to allow them to develop their e-commerce activities.

Our services include :

  • Double traceability
  • Monitoring of all movements in and out by monitoring bar code labels
  • The accuracy of information is systematically checked in real time to avoid risk of error in stock management and order preparation, including during picking and despatch
  • Creation of DRM documentation (monthly customs declarations) for your peace of mind

Real-time monitoring by the client is also available on the EPIGONE website

logiciel epigone e-service

Every client can use his access code to log on to our website and in real time monitor stocks using his own product references, for example:

  • IGP OC rouge 2010 , « Domaine de la Grande Muraille » Réserve spéciale, lot XXX, 75cl, Carton of 6
  • Visualise movements in and out, by batch, by pallet, by reference etc
  • Monitor despatches and deliveries to stock in real time
  • Establish commercial statistics (quantities, destinations etc)
  • Be informed of the need for new stocks

Its usage is very simple because the intuitive and ergonomic programme is adapted to the user and evolves according to his needs

Our transport procedures are proven

Using a secure connection to the EPIGONE website, hauliers can book deliveries and collections and be more responsive and efficient.


Our transport and logistics procedures have allowed us to develop systems to establish the necessary computer interface with the on-line sales outlets of our customers. For example, an Internet user places an order on our client’s site “www.domainedelagrandemuraille.com”, and makes a secure payment on the seller’s site.

schema fonctionnement e-commerce epigone

The manager of the seller’s site (EPIGONE’s client) validates the Internet user’s order and sends us all the information via our secure interface.

Epigone prepares the order and organises depatch. Order progress and delivery can be monitored via the tracking number.

Massification at the Béziers depot will therefore improve delivery services both economically and ecologically.

Mon compte client